So as i am a proud member of this esteemed organisation called Round Table India which is the original social network incepted long before over dearest Facebook.

The idea behind this is working for the social causes of “Freedom through Education” the upliftment of Underprivileged children by providing them proper infrastructure of Schools and helping where else it is required. And linking up individuals like me with friends across the globe who are like – minded and self driven for the greater good of the society.

Few benefits for me from this organisation are –
1. I got friends where ever i go.
2. Chance to give back to Society.
3. I don’t get judged even for a second and is welcomed & helped by open heart & arms.

So Last friday we had our monthly Social event where all the members & their families get together to break bread and have a good time because it strengthens the bond & Trust among members, also All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

This particular event was hosted by My dear Friends Karan Bhargava and Shobhit Khanna with their wives Neetu Bhargava & Shruti Khanna ( Both sisters of mine were the actual brain behind this wonderful event)

The theme given was typical Filmy and based totally on bollywood and we tried our best to match as per the theme. Location & Food were awesome and well planned seeing the weather & overall event requirements. The decor was superbly done which complemented the theme and we even got our own caricatures as return gift.

Kudos to hosts for giving us the superb evening.

And some of the pics for you all lovely readers to enjoy…



5 thoughts on “Round Table Diary – Pt 1

  1. Hi bro
    You have presented your blog with keeping all the important content which makes your blog impressive.
    All the best


  2. Hey Sorabh…amazingly put forward your RTI journey. Must say this is an excellent way to express your wonderful journey…looking ahead for more features…


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