So I was in Delhi last month and being an automobile dealer and a die – cast enthusiast by myself, had a chance to meet a super young guy with a rocking collection.
Over the coffee we chatted on models, makes, shops & customs authorities. And the way internet & e commerce helped the collectors get hands on stuff sitting at home.

So 10 mins waiting at Starbucks (i so hate waiting) here enters a 27 year old something guy Ranbir Raj Mehra. A hardcore Delhi guy from the heart but soft-spoken to a whole different level.
We exchange the usual pleasantries, ordered our coffee and sat for a chat.
Ranbir is a Businessman by occupation and had passion for collecting model cars since he can recall (his own words)
He started telling me his story that his passion started when he was 5 year old and his uncle gifted him Two 1:18 Scale models and he never saw behind again in terms of his collection.

His family always supported him to pursue his passion which is really necessary for the collection of this magnitude. He laughingly thanks to his mother for not letting anyone touch his models and keeps on pushing him for more and more model collection for his collection.

Then i asked him what made him take his collection to a whole different level, the level which is it on now and how he sees his collection shaping up in 10 years down the line. On which he thanked making a page on FB due to which he got to know the brands which were not available in india till date. And due to this page Online shops came into his sight and helped him getting his collection going to the another level.
As for the 10 year question he assured me that his passion wont be dying (superb to hear bro).
Its his dream to have the most exotic and limited edition models in his collection.

Apart from work and his Diecast passion he dont have any other hobbies or passions to pursuit.

Then we came on to the challenges part of the hobby. I shared my experiences of the time when i use to collect he updated me of the current scenario. In his point of view the diecast shops in india and people aren’t supportive when it comes to rare & exotic cars. These models are taxed at the 28% GST Slab Thats why the growth of this hobby is slow in India and for the collectors who are into importing these beauties for there own collection have to pay hefty amount as custom duties which run into tune of 30 – 35% easily.

Still Ranbir’s passion for this hobby is strong and I wish him the best for getting more and more cars in his collection.




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