Last night I was forced to tag along for a movie by my dear friend Nikket. He was so compelling force which let me to drag my butt out of bed and go watch a movie.
Firstly I didn’t had an idea that what the movie was all about, hights of my laziness to not even watch the trailer before going to a movie, Don’t know why but didn’t had much expectations from the move mostly due to its name.

So the movie was very well written and directed, didn’t felt bored even for the second. Wont get into too much bollywood jargon which non filmy people don’t have anything to do with.
Must say the acting done by all the actors was on point and special mention to Varun Sharma, Prateik Babbar & Saharsh Shukla for pulling of their respective roles with such flair although few of them a smaller screen time.

Movie delivers such a delicate message with so much grace which is really impeccable to even put in words.
The story was based on suicide attempts by kids / students.

One thing which is really worth mentioning is the message that without admission in dream college or 99% of marks in any exam the life ends, Movie disagreed to it beautifully.

Will suggest to everyone to go and enjoy the movie if you like crude humour, and if you still didn’t like it please don’t curse me.




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