My Kid sister Riya recently finished her graduation from manipal and the whole family was suppose to go and pick her up to come home.
But to do some social commitments only I reached to get her and all her baggage form there.

Although it is not a big of a deal as it was close by but when i was waiting outside her collage, myriad of emotions sprang up in my mind & heart.
It was so proud moment for me to get my sister home after her graduation is over…
On our way back we were reminiscing the day i got her there for her entrance exam for which she was not sure about that will it get cracked or not.

So even after ups and down of life & in collage she finally did her B.TECH in Automobile Engineering with good numbers and main thing she was happy and we were proud of our kiddo…

Really must say kiddo… proud of you…!!!



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