Last sunday a charity rock concert was organized by Rotary Club Ajmer Midtown to raise funds for their upcoming Project at Satellite Hospital in Adarsh Nagar, Ajmer.
It was a good event by Saar Rock band and there was one more singer named Sheena.

The Band and Singer played some real some real nice tunes and even for a minute it didn’t felt boring. Specially the old songs were the most enjoyable.

The venue was Kangra Amphitheater at Mayo College Ajmer. Which is a fabulous backdrop for these kinds of event. And I personally like this place because wheelchair is so easily accessible to all the main areas of it. Finally on new constructions people are thinking about accessibility for all.

The management of the event was taken care by Rotary Club Members only and I personally don’t think they could have done any better job then this. It was flawless, Period

So keeping it short i will give my best wishes to Rotary Club for their Hospital Project and looking forward for more such kind of events in Ajmer sometime in future…



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