They say “Home is where the heart is” even Elvis Presley sang a song for it. but in my case Home is where is my bed is my bed is bae to me.

In the earlier days of lockdown my Room’s AC got screwed and stopped working. So i shifted to the other room and was happy there but last night that also stopped working and i am in a thick soup shit where do i land up now.

Luckily after making a few calls here and there I found an AC Repair Guy. My guard got him and i was waiting outside with a bottle of sanitiser so i can be sure of him not carrying any corona in my house. But must say that guy had his own sanitiser, mask, gloves so i was released seeing all this. I let him enter and he repaired all 3 of my defective AC in 2 hours.

Seriously guys this I felt lot of times that your bed is the best in the whole wide world as i was out of my room from a long time so coming back felt good. Late night movie, Late Night Sheesha & Late Night Redbulls, the room party was a rocker…

Another sad news came out today on Covid19 front that Ajmer had got 35 more positive in 1 day. The situations just are becoming grim day by day and Ajmer is turning into a hotspot for sure. let’s see all goes well in a couple of days.



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