Today’s news which came out from sources of local media and friends is the sudden rise in the Covid19 earlier this month there were 5 cases and today we had crossed 100 and earlier it was contained but to this day new areas are popping up.

The lockdown started on 22nd of march with the voluntary Janta curfew then since its the lockdown so if we count the days of major non movement of people it comes to around lockdown day 29 – 30.

The baffling question or the thing which is out of my understanding is when the Corona virus’s incubation is 3 – 14 days max than how infection is growing in such exponential numbers in such later days of the lockdown. As if this thing continues will we be able to get out of the lockdown anytime soon.

The news just keeps on flowing that the majorly people came to town during the lockdown under the radar and are ragpickers who were kept by the administration in the specified locations made for the ragpickers/ beggars during the lockdown. How can they break the security barrier and roam around the city creating problem for other people & the whole town

And the news just came in the media regarding the fight between doctors and the government administration. Are you guys serious…??? At this point of time inter – departmental rift is beneficial for the city and the cause…??? I am like not bloody able to think that what kind of numbers will come in the next few days or so but the news is definitely not very promising.

The curve was suppose to flatten but it is definitly looking on a rise as of now across the state which is not good for people who are sacrifising so much by staying in homes, shutting the businesses & taking unimaginable amount of stress.

Guys just a request stay real safe and stop going out as this problem is on a rise and no solution is there with anyone expcept us and the doctors.

Stay Indoors & Stay Safe



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