Are we doing enough for the people who are fighting with mental illness wether it is depression, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia or a severe case of OCD…???

Means seriously I myself didn’t gave a view to the girl who died not less then a week ago where many of the Bollywood people were showing respects in their own way but seeing the news of Sushant singh really raised a question in my mind. There is something really wrong happening in Bollywood…???

We as normal people think that an A Lister Celeb would have his life & finances sorted but sometimes the glam life & flamboyant lifestyle make us unaware of the other factors such as pressures related to work or life etc are many a time goes for a toss.

We definitely should do something to take care of this situation and literally stop these kind of depression related suicides. Being a borderline depression patient myself in the past it is a subject which is closer to the heart.

I so wish that the medical facilities could be more effective in this particular area and our country could have a little more openness and little less self shame in order to break out that barrier which keeps us under wraps and leads to this kind of stage where only option is to do a suicide.

Guys & Girls please talk to the people, plan something with friends, involve yourself in some activity. Life is good and can be good if we want it to be.

Stay indoors & Stay safe



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