So this weird postered documentary popped up on my recommended feed in Netflix. Something fascinated about this documentary’s poster. So as usual being a OTT / Movie lover I watched it at the same time because of an excitement or I should say “Chull”.

By the time it ended i was totally mind blown and one line got totally latched in my mind “If you are not paying for the product then you are the product”. Then it kept me thinking that are we really a product and it just popped up in my mind to do the experiment from both side of the desk, first how not to being a product & second how do u buy the product. (Product are all in context of Documentary not anything else please don’t mix up with the maal wala product from Mumbai & News Channels)

So the next day as shown in the movie I turned of all the notifications of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp etc. And people, must say I found my day turning calm in a snap and I was able to focus / concentrate on work & meetings without any disturbance. Although I had to start my Whatsapp because of Work related group, but rest of them are still in off mode and my life is calm like anything. Please try doing this to increase productivity and focus in doing any tasks.

The other side was buying the product or in simplified terms making the advertisements on social media to promote business. I did that as well for my Automobile Dealership page, did promote the page and boost the post on both Facebook & Instagram. And seriously people there was a significant difference in activity on the business page. It actually works, and the things that are shown in the documentary is absolutly true. Scary right but as we say (Ganda hai par dhanda hai ye).

I seriously dont have any opinion to sum it up, shocking results on both the sides of the coins. Peace on one end and business promotion on other. As it was said in the documetary we need to find a balance and equation which suits us as per our requirement. Will like to say “TRY IT” once to all my readers and friends who actually spend lot of time on social media & do let me know in comments what do you think about it.



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