So was seeing uptick in the sales of Tiranga from last few weeks since our beloved PM Sir launched it and then following the Tiranga distribution functions left right & centre by anyone and everyone.

So reading a little more about this Mahotsav and must say that it is a brilliant initiative for public involvement and installing the patriotic feeling. (I just hope it don’t goes away when clock shows 16.8.2022).

On ground during my recent travel in my own town of Ajmer I saw Tiranga hoisted outside 90% of the houses. (10% lazy people will always be there)
But post sundown i saw many of the buildings were not taking it down so i read about it and the ruling which has been passed recently so they are safe. But reading to that ruling only the commercial buildings & offices are not exempted from 24 hrs flag flying which is going on like crazy, saw lots of buildings where it is not a residential and flags were still flying post sundown. (God please put some sense into people).

We say that we respect Tiranga and we celebrate Aazadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (Catchy name I must say). But are we really respecting the flag of our esteemed nation. Or do we respect the nation & Tiranga only during 15th August & 26th January. ???

Is it correct to install flags on cars and roam around forming a rally, OK understandable we are happy and want to celebrate it but please check the flag laws and adhere to them religiously.
when there are 5 rallies by 5 different social groups during the day does it not hampers the traffic on the road, over burden on our police forces, and that poor chap who is in the ambulance waiting for it to reach its destination carrying a patient. (At what cost we are celebrating) and what are we getting out of blocking the roads and hampering the life of a common person.

Just on my closing I will be uploading the photo with correct way to fold & store the National Flag. Humble request please adhere to it & if possible for you the mahotsav should go till eternity. Personally it gave me a sense of pride & love towards our beloved country and I myself will try to keep the flag flying always outside my house (following the rules of course)



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