I was recently travelling to Delhi for some work and was planning to take a break at Behror Highway King as usual but to my surprise i see my beloved Haldiram opened up at both sides of the road(Now i can enjoy on my way back as well).

At a first glance it looked like newly made infrastructure as building was not at all shabby but the disappointment started when we tried to search for a ramp for my wheelchair and the guard there said sorry sir “No Ramp Available”.
I was like what the hell, No worries I said to him as I am carrying my own foldable ramp so it will be okay for me. But irony as i tried doing it there is a car parked less then 3 cm from the stairs (Absolutely no parking sense).

No worries guard fetched the owner of that car and moved it aside (try standing on highway in heat for a change. thanks but no thanks).
And we are inside for our food the guys behind the counter were little new but were supportive, for us the whole exercise is not in the vein.

So after that I thought why not check out any other Haldiram’s on our way to see if the things are like that on all of them.
And guess what no ramps anywhere on their cloud outlets and the main outlet near the Manesar toll has a ramp but for someone rolling on a wheelchair it definitely feels like climbing mount Everest. (I Love my Bones a lot to not climb Everest).

Its Just not on Haldiram for not doing proper inclusions but if you see you can find it at many places wether they are hotels, restaurants, cafes. No one gives the shit but we as a reader should do something about it.

Lot of New places has just opened up or are in construction my question is how the ramp rule is skirted and what is the loophole found. Or are the people who are constricting it are too big to not be worried of any govt official,

How the clearances for all these constructions given without proper inclusion audit.
Some Greasy palms i suppose…????


One thought on “Building Codes for Differently Abled…!!!

  1. This is the kind of story the South Asian countries need to listen to and do something about. Absolutely sharp way you put it up!


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