Building Codes for Differently Abled…!!!

I was recently travelling to Delhi for some work and was planning to take a break at Behror Highway King as usual but to my surprise i see my beloved Haldiram opened up at both sides of the road(Now i can enjoy on my way back as well).

At a first glance it looked like newly made infrastructure as building was not at all shabby but the disappointment started when we tried to search for a ramp for my wheelchair and the guard there said sorry sir “No Ramp Available”.
I was like what the hell, No worries I said to him as I am carrying my own foldable ramp so it will be okay for me. But irony as i tried doing it there is a car parked less then 3 cm from the stairs (Absolutely no parking sense).

No worries guard fetched the owner of that car and moved it aside (try standing on highway in heat for a change. thanks but no thanks).
And we are inside for our food the guys behind the counter were little new but were supportive, for us the whole exercise is not in the vein.

So after that I thought why not check out any other Haldiram’s on our way to see if the things are like that on all of them.
And guess what no ramps anywhere on their cloud outlets and the main outlet near the Manesar toll has a ramp but for someone rolling on a wheelchair it definitely feels like climbing mount Everest. (I Love my Bones a lot to not climb Everest).

Its Just not on Haldiram for not doing proper inclusions but if you see you can find it at many places wether they are hotels, restaurants, cafes. No one gives the shit but we as a reader should do something about it.

Lot of New places has just opened up or are in construction my question is how the ramp rule is skirted and what is the loophole found. Or are the people who are constricting it are too big to not be worried of any govt official,

How the clearances for all these constructions given without proper inclusion audit.
Some Greasy palms i suppose…????



Har Ghar Tiranga Mahotsav…!!!

So was seeing uptick in the sales of Tiranga from last few weeks since our beloved PM Sir launched it and then following the Tiranga distribution functions left right & centre by anyone and everyone.

So reading a little more about this Mahotsav and must say that it is a brilliant initiative for public involvement and installing the patriotic feeling. (I just hope it don’t goes away when clock shows 16.8.2022).

On ground during my recent travel in my own town of Ajmer I saw Tiranga hoisted outside 90% of the houses. (10% lazy people will always be there)
But post sundown i saw many of the buildings were not taking it down so i read about it and the ruling which has been passed recently so they are safe. But reading to that ruling only the commercial buildings & offices are not exempted from 24 hrs flag flying which is going on like crazy, saw lots of buildings where it is not a residential and flags were still flying post sundown. (God please put some sense into people).

We say that we respect Tiranga and we celebrate Aazadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (Catchy name I must say). But are we really respecting the flag of our esteemed nation. Or do we respect the nation & Tiranga only during 15th August & 26th January. ???

Is it correct to install flags on cars and roam around forming a rally, OK understandable we are happy and want to celebrate it but please check the flag laws and adhere to them religiously.
when there are 5 rallies by 5 different social groups during the day does it not hampers the traffic on the road, over burden on our police forces, and that poor chap who is in the ambulance waiting for it to reach its destination carrying a patient. (At what cost we are celebrating) and what are we getting out of blocking the roads and hampering the life of a common person.

Just on my closing I will be uploading the photo with correct way to fold & store the National Flag. Humble request please adhere to it & if possible for you the mahotsav should go till eternity. Personally it gave me a sense of pride & love towards our beloved country and I myself will try to keep the flag flying always outside my house (following the rules of course)


Thank You…!!!

Many of you might be wondering why this heading and what on the earth it means. Sorry for the suspense people its World Blood Donor’s Day today as per Insta & FB. So on this day i will like to say thank you to all the people who I know and don’t know, who has donated Blood even once in their life.

As you all know that this topic is very close to my heart and many of the people’s life depends on daily basis or in emergent cases. But whatever the need maybe the fulfilment leads to dire results many a times had witnessed it personally.
I think it was Covid 1st wave April Mid and for my regular transfusions the blood bank gave a red signal that your blood group is currently not available and the overall blood and its related products are in a short supply. (I was like WTF)
Although after lot of calls here and there and few favours collected it was done a day late (but not a dollar short) and i was refuelled to keep moving for the next fortnight. (Thank you Unknown Angel).
After all this fiasco a brother (who wish not to be named) came forward along with couple of more guys to intervene the situation and act as my personal blood bank because they were of the same group and were always a text away for any time donation.

This got me thinking during that time, what would have happened if arrangement didn’t happened on time and me and my family & friend’s connections wouldn’t have worked in my favour..???
Apart from that how did the people who are not well connected faced the severe shortage of a necessary element…??? (Thanks once again Donor Angels & God)
Although we have came a long way in last couple of decades earlier people were too hesitant to come forward for blood donation and after effort of red cross and other organisations situation has improved a lot, still a long way to go in my honest opinion.

Dear readers if you have not did a blood donation till now and “IF” physically you are allowed / able to do so then it is my humble request please try doing it once (Don’t forget eating cookie & juice after it).
And for the Donor Angels thank you once again from bottom of my heart to keep doing the super work.


Adulting – Boon or Curse

Was talking over a beer with a friend couple of days back and we were just laughing over the past fun times and all the crazy shit we did over the period of time.
But guess what after 5 mins the conversation changed to the regular business, economic scenario’s, Stocks etc etc.
I noticed my past 1 year that most of the conversations had been like this,New Ideas, Work, Side work/ Passion work, Hustle, Health & ya A fine Scotch etc.

This got me thinking from where we started to where we reached in terms of conversations, meaning of fun and overall outlook of life. Then it clicked, its ADULTING.
So as per Oxford Dictionary “the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.”

In short from being someone else’s responsibility to being responsible for someone or something.
With Adulting oneself is incharge of 99% of life’s decisions and when in business the effects of others actions lands on you and you are incharge to lead them through the betterment which is eventually self betterment as well. In short “THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU”.

One is allowed to screwup in adulting but you are incharge of own actions, someone else wont be coming to clean up ur mess, wether it is Business balance sheet, or Life Balance Sheet. We only are responsible for everything.

Sometimes I miss being a 25 YO kid who was just figuring things out and dabbling the idea of adulting and frankly it is 10 years and suddenly Adulting has hit me and damn I must say it has hit me hard. Still all the preparation of Adulting has not lead to any substantial results. It is an Extempore Exam which just never ends.
But in terms of learning, this whole Adulting has been a great teacher and everyday something new falls on your as a Problem which you solve and learn something and move ahead in life.

To all my readers who are below 23 please enjoy as much u can & the people who are sailing on a same boat of Adulting as me “KEEP FIGHTING” and Excel at Adulting..

Please do let me know it is a Boon or a Curse in comments, In my honest opinion it is a glass half full kind of situation. Boon for me though…!!!


Post Wheelie First Flight Travel

So it was kind of a bummer life took a turn in 2016 (don’t know for good or bad depending on the glass example I’ll say for Good for me though) and I landed on a wheelie for my daily movements.

But ya life was moving on and i was still travelling a lot by my car so it is good for me, But there was an invisible fear or hitch on travelling via flights because lots of ifs and buts are always there and an additional responsibility of carrying a motorised wheelchair.

I got an opportunity to travel to the City of Pearls for some Round Table Event, travelling how was a this or that option This being Car or That being flight coz it was easy as hell.
So after long discussions with Indigo Airlines post seeing on their website that they allow motorised wheelchairs to be carried via check in luggage without any extra charge in all domestic routes. (Kudos Indigo for a super service for differently abled travellers)

So all said and done and after ticket bookings and all that we were ready to fly. now there was one small request of indigo people that sir you need to reach our checkin counters minimum 3 hrs before. Oh damn my flight from Jaipur was of 5 AM.
So there were we scared out of our minds at 2 AM in the middle of night. And the whole wheelchair transfer + checkin + security + mandatory Starbucks happened swiftly with 1 hr to spare. The transfer from my wheelchair to Airlines Aisle wheelchair at the time of checkin was very easy and comfortable. (Take a bow Indigo Jaipur staff you guys played well). So after that it was just and easy drive in their bus till flight, easy boarding and simple transfer to the seat.

Upon arrival a guy was waiting on the aircraft gate for all other passengers to disembark so he can come with Aisle wheelchair and do my de-boarding. i found my wheelchair near luggage carousel only getting dropped off by a guy who got it down from the Aircraft cargo hold, to my surprise there was no damage to the wheelchair, it was kept safely. So all luggage check and we got our cab and on our way.

But after 3 days when I landed back to the Jaipur airport It was Sunday 8th May 2022. So i was under the impression that what happened with me when i was disembarking the guy will come and take me. But their cleaning crew entered and some handler of indigo who was overseeing the turnaround of the aircraft for the next flight asked to de- board i told him I am waiting for a wheelchair then this guy replied me Sir you can find it at the gate. I have to tell him thrice that I need an aisle wheelchair (such a pathetic service). Then this guy says me sorry and arranges in after 5 mins and i am on my way.

Guess what I was under an impression that aisle wheelchairs have been noted on tickets at the time of booking and all necessary arrangements made so the goof up which happened in Jaipur doesn’t happens. but no systems are there u just need to tell them once you land or something. (Damn Indigo Upgrade your systems).

All in all I had good flights barring a small incident at Jaipur airport (I am sure it could have been avoided if proper notification could have been done beforehand) got confidence that I can fly domestically with my own wheelchair in the cargo hold.

Successful trip + Successful test flights = Happy Me


Kindle – a gadget which became a necessary now.

I also like reading books just like many of you, it helps with learning about any particular topic, or books for sometime detach us from the real world and immerse in the fictional one, or can be a biography. So basically theres no end to it.

So i was contemplating taking one and finally i got it last December as a gamble that it will fit my reading style or will it be a hassle-full gadget in in which will be gracing my drawer with its long term presence.

But to be very honest my reading has improved and now i finish 1 book in 15 – 18 days and can carry 2 – 3 books simultaneously. So depending on the mood and genre you can just press the screen once and viola book change and previous one will be ready for you whenever you want to go back. (Choices are not bad)

And 1 main thing which i am a big advocate is of not telling people what are you reading if the title or genre is not crowd friendly. So no more book-shaming
It happened to me firsthand i was book shamed. We landed at Mumbai airport from some abroad flight and there was few hours to kill so i went to the books store to do just timepass because seriously i was in no mood to buy anything just plain old browsing there fifty shades of grey was in no 1 bestseller list so it caught my eye, the store guy said it is in demand and lot of travellers are buying it and has been recently launched.
So alas going to the number 1 bestseller book i bought it without even asking what it is about. I Purely judged book on its cover which caught my fancy.

Then the store guy at the time of billing suggests sir it part of the set why are you taking only 1 and take the full set i just rolled my eyes to him paid for all 3 and came back to check out the book and start reading.

Then on my opposite waiting chair a Business traveller type of lady came and sat and he worked on her laptop for few minutes then she closed in anticipation of flight but she asked me “Does reading this book here suits you” “are these your manners”. And I was like What the Hell i just bought it 10 mins back and read only 2 pages but who are you to judge what am i reading or not. Our so called argument was just 4 mins and then both of us went our own way .Although Later in the week i got to know why she was really pissed about the book. But i was long back home So hardly matters.

This kind of privacy is a boon with kindle, and till now its been 6 months with me and i am an life time fan of the product, thank you amazon for such a beautiful product.

the only thing missing is the smell of books, that paper turning voice and old-school bookmarks.


Cracking The Social Dilemma

So this weird postered documentary popped up on my recommended feed in Netflix. Something fascinated about this documentary’s poster. So as usual being a OTT / Movie lover I watched it at the same time because of an excitement or I should say “Chull”.

By the time it ended i was totally mind blown and one line got totally latched in my mind “If you are not paying for the product then you are the product”. Then it kept me thinking that are we really a product and it just popped up in my mind to do the experiment from both side of the desk, first how not to being a product & second how do u buy the product. (Product are all in context of Documentary not anything else please don’t mix up with the maal wala product from Mumbai & News Channels)

So the next day as shown in the movie I turned of all the notifications of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp etc. And people, must say I found my day turning calm in a snap and I was able to focus / concentrate on work & meetings without any disturbance. Although I had to start my Whatsapp because of Work related group, but rest of them are still in off mode and my life is calm like anything. Please try doing this to increase productivity and focus in doing any tasks.

The other side was buying the product or in simplified terms making the advertisements on social media to promote business. I did that as well for my Automobile Dealership page, did promote the page and boost the post on both Facebook & Instagram. And seriously people there was a significant difference in activity on the business page. It actually works, and the things that are shown in the documentary is absolutly true. Scary right but as we say (Ganda hai par dhanda hai ye).

I seriously dont have any opinion to sum it up, shocking results on both the sides of the coins. Peace on one end and business promotion on other. As it was said in the documetary we need to find a balance and equation which suits us as per our requirement. Will like to say “TRY IT” once to all my readers and friends who actually spend lot of time on social media & do let me know in comments what do you think about it.


Why The Trolling…???

Last night we (Me & Family) were watching the match together as we generally do in the IPL season. As everyone knows in the fag end of the match MSD was on the crease trying his level best to clinch the match but he was taking time to catch his breath and regenerate strength to face another ball.

So as the match ended lots of trolling was happening and pro MSD supporters were defending him and praising his innings (Which was definitely expected out of them). Main thing out of which was even the commentators were praising MSD for his effort and dedication towards the game.

But trollers being trollers or will it be okay to say haters being haters left no stone unturned on various social media to display their affection towards MSD. Seriously people look at his effort and zeal to try and win the lost match.

A person with the age of 39 years playing such level of game and that too from last 16 years since his debut on international level and who has given us so many of good matches, insane wicketkeeping (Which was not thinkable for Indian Team Pre MSD) and super moments specially the ICC World Cup, it was seriously a sight to see for a generation. And watching the IPL don’t we think that players are also people like us who had sat in lockdown in homes without any substantial practice & insane workouts. I am sure it is bound to effect playing capabilities. Seriously trollers is 1 – 2 week of practise is enough to play in UAE heat after sitting in homes for 5 – 6 months…???

MSD didn’t deserved the trolling and memes on him, but no worries there is full confidence of many people on him for not getting effect of trolling and play as gloriously as he had played always.

Looking forward for more fabulous innings MS.


2 Deaths & 1 Question…???

Are we doing enough for the people who are fighting with mental illness wether it is depression, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia or a severe case of OCD…???

Means seriously I myself didn’t gave a view to the girl who died not less then a week ago where many of the Bollywood people were showing respects in their own way but seeing the news of Sushant singh really raised a question in my mind. There is something really wrong happening in Bollywood…???

We as normal people think that an A Lister Celeb would have his life & finances sorted but sometimes the glam life & flamboyant lifestyle make us unaware of the other factors such as pressures related to work or life etc are many a time goes for a toss.

We definitely should do something to take care of this situation and literally stop these kind of depression related suicides. Being a borderline depression patient myself in the past it is a subject which is closer to the heart.

I so wish that the medical facilities could be more effective in this particular area and our country could have a little more openness and little less self shame in order to break out that barrier which keeps us under wraps and leads to this kind of stage where only option is to do a suicide.

Guys & Girls please talk to the people, plan something with friends, involve yourself in some activity. Life is good and can be good if we want it to be.

Stay indoors & Stay safe


Quarantine Times – WE ARE READY

Evidently Covid19 fear will be there for a long time, there’s no denying the fact. But as it was said in Jurassic Park First movie “Life finds it way”. So now I am thinking that we are in that stage where life is finding its way out of lockdown.

We at Gehlot Ford & National Tractors and Motors resumed our partial operations only for workshop purposes. But being first day we were not hoping for much of customer so we just did cleaning & checkin of the machines etc so that we can be fully ready as little more of lockdown eases up.

To be very honest first day back felt very confusing and odd to many people. confusing to us that how to get whole operation running with 30% of staff and for staff it was little odd because of social distancing measures, sanitisers and infrared thermometer being pointed to them in every 3 hours.

But I feel this is going to be the new norm now even after lockdown eases and Covid19 fear goes away.

Was talking to my staff and literally some of them thanked and were very happy coming to office mostly because their boredom was going and some were happy with the sanitisation practices we are adopting in the routine life.

Let’s take baby steps and keep the ball rolling under guidelines of government. And pray to God with a hope that tomorrow would be better then today.

Stay safe