Cracking The Social Dilemma

So this weird postered documentary popped up on my recommended feed in Netflix. Something fascinated about this documentary’s poster. So as usual being a OTT / Movie lover I watched it at the same time because of an excitement or I should say “Chull”.

By the time it ended i was totally mind blown and one line got totally latched in my mind “If you are not paying for the product then you are the product”. Then it kept me thinking that are we really a product and it just popped up in my mind to do the experiment from both side of the desk, first how not to being a product & second how do u buy the product. (Product are all in context of Documentary not anything else please don’t mix up with the maal wala product from Mumbai & News Channels)

So the next day as shown in the movie I turned of all the notifications of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp etc. And people, must say I found my day turning calm in a snap and I was able to focus / concentrate on work & meetings without any disturbance. Although I had to start my Whatsapp because of Work related group, but rest of them are still in off mode and my life is calm like anything. Please try doing this to increase productivity and focus in doing any tasks.

The other side was buying the product or in simplified terms making the advertisements on social media to promote business. I did that as well for my Automobile Dealership page, did promote the page and boost the post on both Facebook & Instagram. And seriously people there was a significant difference in activity on the business page. It actually works, and the things that are shown in the documentary is absolutly true. Scary right but as we say (Ganda hai par dhanda hai ye).

I seriously dont have any opinion to sum it up, shocking results on both the sides of the coins. Peace on one end and business promotion on other. As it was said in the documetary we need to find a balance and equation which suits us as per our requirement. Will like to say “TRY IT” once to all my readers and friends who actually spend lot of time on social media & do let me know in comments what do you think about it.


Why The Trolling…???

Last night we (Me & Family) were watching the match together as we generally do in the IPL season. As everyone knows in the fag end of the match MSD was on the crease trying his level best to clinch the match but he was taking time to catch his breath and regenerate strength to face another ball.

So as the match ended lots of trolling was happening and pro MSD supporters were defending him and praising his innings (Which was definitely expected out of them). Main thing out of which was even the commentators were praising MSD for his effort and dedication towards the game.

But trollers being trollers or will it be okay to say haters being haters left no stone unturned on various social media to display their affection towards MSD. Seriously people look at his effort and zeal to try and win the lost match.

A person with the age of 39 years playing such level of game and that too from last 16 years since his debut on international level and who has given us so many of good matches, insane wicketkeeping (Which was not thinkable for Indian Team Pre MSD) and super moments specially the ICC World Cup, it was seriously a sight to see for a generation. And watching the IPL don’t we think that players are also people like us who had sat in lockdown in homes without any substantial practice & insane workouts. I am sure it is bound to effect playing capabilities. Seriously trollers is 1 – 2 week of practise is enough to play in UAE heat after sitting in homes for 5 – 6 months…???

MSD didn’t deserved the trolling and memes on him, but no worries there is full confidence of many people on him for not getting effect of trolling and play as gloriously as he had played always.

Looking forward for more fabulous innings MS.


2 Deaths & 1 Question…???

Are we doing enough for the people who are fighting with mental illness wether it is depression, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia or a severe case of OCD…???

Means seriously I myself didn’t gave a view to the girl who died not less then a week ago where many of the Bollywood people were showing respects in their own way but seeing the news of Sushant singh really raised a question in my mind. There is something really wrong happening in Bollywood…???

We as normal people think that an A Lister Celeb would have his life & finances sorted but sometimes the glam life & flamboyant lifestyle make us unaware of the other factors such as pressures related to work or life etc are many a time goes for a toss.

We definitely should do something to take care of this situation and literally stop these kind of depression related suicides. Being a borderline depression patient myself in the past it is a subject which is closer to the heart.

I so wish that the medical facilities could be more effective in this particular area and our country could have a little more openness and little less self shame in order to break out that barrier which keeps us under wraps and leads to this kind of stage where only option is to do a suicide.

Guys & Girls please talk to the people, plan something with friends, involve yourself in some activity. Life is good and can be good if we want it to be.

Stay indoors & Stay safe


Quarantine Times – WE ARE READY

Evidently Covid19 fear will be there for a long time, there’s no denying the fact. But as it was said in Jurassic Park First movie “Life finds it way”. So now I am thinking that we are in that stage where life is finding its way out of lockdown.

We at Gehlot Ford & National Tractors and Motors resumed our partial operations only for workshop purposes. But being first day we were not hoping for much of customer so we just did cleaning & checkin of the machines etc so that we can be fully ready as little more of lockdown eases up.

To be very honest first day back felt very confusing and odd to many people. confusing to us that how to get whole operation running with 30% of staff and for staff it was little odd because of social distancing measures, sanitisers and infrared thermometer being pointed to them in every 3 hours.

But I feel this is going to be the new norm now even after lockdown eases and Covid19 fear goes away.

Was talking to my staff and literally some of them thanked and were very happy coming to office mostly because their boredom was going and some were happy with the sanitisation practices we are adopting in the routine life.

Let’s take baby steps and keep the ball rolling under guidelines of government. And pray to God with a hope that tomorrow would be better then today.

Stay safe


Quarantine Times – Is Liquor Shopping Absolutely Necessary…???

Had been reading in news papers, getting lot os forwards on whatsapp and TV News Channels blowing up this news regarding reopening of Liquor Shops across country makes my head blow off. Even local police officers are going crazy and opposing this decision in muted voice, well everyone knows that there are very slim chances that their opinion is not going to get considered.

Seriously in order to have a good time of few hours we are playing with lives keeping Social Distancing rules in the dustbin. Why cant we just give it a chill for few weeks more. Is Liquor more important then life.

The stupidest part which was showcased on TV news was an interview of guy who was standing in line of liquor shop since 2.30 AM and he was saying it so proudly & audacity which made a question arise in my mind “Cant we do away with Liquor for sometime”…???

I totally agree that it is sometimes required to curb anxiety which is at its peak in these lockdown times but does it weighs more then the loss of life or risk of infection.

If government is so concerned about generating revenue and money for functioning then they have done an excellent work but it is my opinion that they have royally overlooked the cost of life & cost of Covid19 infections. We should definitely look forward to USA & European Countries for the kind of mess this whole infection has caused till now. Just a suggestion regarding the safeguard of human life and lowering the risk of infection, Govt should allow home delivery of liquor for sometime.

I know that I am going to get lot of backlash with respect to expressing my opinion & thought process but seriously saying I couldn’t have stopped myself more.

Stay indoors, Stay safe


Quarantine Times – Irony of Life

Although I was suppose to write this 2 days back but was stuck with some things here and there. The Irony happened when back to back two of the powerhouse actors lost their battle to Cancer.

Sometimes in life when we come across these kind of things we face the realities of life. It don’t matters how much medical science has advanced, or how good doctor or hospital you can afford, or how long your battle is. In majority of the cases it wins and sometimes to just satisfy the ego of mankind cancer lets us win.

The irony happened with both of them that they passed away in such a lockdown time that they had a very small sendoff’s which they didn’t definitely deserved. But rules are rules and us being the responsible citizen have to follow them to the last dot. But major sadness happened with Irrfan Khan as he was not able to go and attend his mother’s funeral few days before, He definitely could have been there for her one last time.

I personally felt that the role of media or insider paparazzi who leaked the home pics of Rishiji’s corps was so bad. Seriously we should respect the privacy of the departed soul’s family. Seeing Ranbeer kapoor’s pic watching his father was just so heartbreaking. they should not have surfaced to the media.
I feel it’s just because of few rupees the pics got clicked and shared for the media and paparazzi.

One who had came in this world will definitely have to go “IT IS A FACT” it just a matter of time. If it is your time then you will go and if its not then whatever you do you wont go. We should not crib about how long the life is, We should ponder how Large my life is. There’s this dialogue in movie Neerja “babumoshay zindagi lambi neahi badi honi cahiye “. In the end we should definitely ask “Have I made It Large”


Quarantine times – Round Table Party

Adopt, Adapt & Improve its our motto of Round Table International .Lockdown time is suppose to get us distancing socially with other people but it is definitely necessary to meet people & have fun to curb lockdown anxiety. We just need to change the way we have fun as we are doing with our work and other things. With all this quarantine we ADOPT the way of life which we were accustomed to. We ADAPTed living with this Quarantine & Lockdown across the world & Finally we IMPROVE by doing a crazy party.

Insane fun happened last night when Round table international President Tr. Sabastian and Vice President Tr. DK Singh took this initiative and did a DJ night for all the Round Table members sitting at homes. We just needed nice speakers to have fun.

A very nice idea which was supported well by our Tr. Sushein AKA DJ Sue from Delhi. He played a mix of dance numbers ranging from english to Bollywood songs specially loved the english classic playlist which he executed for 20 minutes straight.

The whole idea was executed on Zoom Video conferencing app and was shared live on Facebook as well for tablers to enjoy. Seriously guys there were more than 250 people at one point of time all enjoying at the same time. Extra ordinary times require extraordinary measures which was well displayed here by the organizers and people behind this idea. Was astonished to see the people from all over the Globe ie Canada, Estonia, Belgium, UK, Netherland to name a few.

Round table international is definitely the original facebook, a place to meet friends and like minded people. There are very less places & events where people from all around the globe come together for a collective cause here today it was having fun.

Although it would have been so better if the party was in person rather then online, no guesses of what could have been quantum of fun but as I had said earlier also sometimes we have to play the hand we have dealt.

Special Thanks to Tr. DK Singh, Tr. Sushin, Tr. Sahil Jindal & Tr. Sabastian for pulling this off royally

Looking forward for more online parties soon.


Quarantine Times – Extraction Movie Views…

Netflix just released this movie today Extraction, as it is very much self explanatory that what it would have been based on. I totally loved this as seriously the action sequence was very much notable.

Direction was done by none other then Stuntman turned Director Sam Hargrave (No wonder action sequences were on point). He surely kept Chris Hemsworth & Randeep Hooda on their toes.

Acting of both these actors were superb and award worthy. Randeep Hooda was a great match for Chris and they surely commanded their own screen time and aced it like pros. Cant understand why Randeep Hooda is less visible in Bollywood.

Best part was the single take 10 minute action sequence which was well choreographed by Action director and well executed by both the actors, They definitely proved their acting mettle. A must watch for action movie lovers.

The other notable actors who got their presence felt were Golshifteh Farahani & Young Rudraksh jaiswal who played the kidnapped kid Ovi Mahajan so well . So wish Pankaj Tripathi could have a little more screen time. But he definitely performed at par in his 30 second role. David Harbour’s role could have been better and seriously his action sequence with Chris could have been better and ended a little different way.

All in all a good one time watch & well 2 hours spent during this lockdown.

Looking forward for more action packed movie from Netflix.

Stay indoors, Stay safe


Quarantine Times – Silly Bedfellows

As some of people might know from my Facebook profile and Instagram page that I got a doggo last year to fill the void created by sudden suicide of my previous one. So while searching for breeds I finalised on repeating pug as my dog but then thought process got fluctuated and I finally got a doggo of a breed that i fascinated a lot, I got a French Bulldog or fondly said as Frenchie.

This doggo who I fondly call YODA (named after Star Wars character) got attached to me in the first hour of his arrival and slowly & steadily he started following orders and travelled with me even to many places. And don’t leaves my side whenever possible for him.

But the hight of attachment happened once when I was in office and he was with me for his playing time and he attended with me in a meeting and sat in the lap and listened so patiently to the person sitting opposite to me, he evidently asked me bhaiya “if he didn’t likes what I say will he attack me or what”

The other episode which happened where i seriously felt happy was once when me and my mom was having a heated discussion and her pitch was high, so Yoda who was kind of sleeping suddenly sprung in action and started barking on her. And since that day I realised that yes dogs are definitely men’s best friend.

The strangest thing happens is at night he like to sleep on my pillow which gets a little problematic as too much closeness is also harmful many a times. But ya seeing his affection and sense of security towards me I let him crash on feet.

All in all the breed is good for the people like me who are looking for a small, easy maintenance & great travel companion & guard yet playful doggo. Just a word of caution, get a dog only if you can commit and give him time coz a pet is part of our life but for it we are his whole life.


Quarantine Times – Silly thoughts

Today’s news which came out from sources of local media and friends is the sudden rise in the Covid19 earlier this month there were 5 cases and today we had crossed 100 and earlier it was contained but to this day new areas are popping up.

The lockdown started on 22nd of march with the voluntary Janta curfew then since its the lockdown so if we count the days of major non movement of people it comes to around lockdown day 29 – 30.

The baffling question or the thing which is out of my understanding is when the Corona virus’s incubation is 3 – 14 days max than how infection is growing in such exponential numbers in such later days of the lockdown. As if this thing continues will we be able to get out of the lockdown anytime soon.

The news just keeps on flowing that the majorly people came to town during the lockdown under the radar and are ragpickers who were kept by the administration in the specified locations made for the ragpickers/ beggars during the lockdown. How can they break the security barrier and roam around the city creating problem for other people & the whole town

And the news just came in the media regarding the fight between doctors and the government administration. Are you guys serious…??? At this point of time inter – departmental rift is beneficial for the city and the cause…??? I am like not bloody able to think that what kind of numbers will come in the next few days or so but the news is definitely not very promising.

The curve was suppose to flatten but it is definitly looking on a rise as of now across the state which is not good for people who are sacrifising so much by staying in homes, shutting the businesses & taking unimaginable amount of stress.

Guys just a request stay real safe and stop going out as this problem is on a rise and no solution is there with anyone expcept us and the doctors.

Stay Indoors & Stay Safe