Corona Janta Curfew Day

Our dearest Prime Minister Sir requested the whole nation to do a self curfew of 14 hours in order to fight this panic of our lives corona virus. As it was on a Sunday so it wouldn’t have created much of a mess in routine life.

Brilliant decision sir, lot of scientific logic behind it as well for the prevention and to stop further spreading it. But as this was going on Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Sir Sh. Ashok Gehlot Ji gave an order of total lockdown till 31.3.2020

Now the tension started in terms of work, life imbalance, and few big questions came to my mind

  1. How will daily wages workers go on with their lives
  2. How will business owners pay salaries
  3. How will business owners close the year as we are on brink of financial year end.
  4. What about the whole economic cycle of our state. how we will cope with it…???

only two answers comes to my mind

  1. Only Time will Tell
  2. This too shall pass

This too shall pass but what about the cost…???

sometimes somethings are best left on God to decide and show the way.

We should help the government by doing our end of the deal…

Stay indoors & Stay healthy




Confidence – Why it is fickle as a fiddle

Sometimes some instances do happen where you lose your confidence in certain things and as lots of people & books say it effects your work, life, friendships etc.

For some people confidence comes to them naturally & for some who need any life instances which gives it as well.

So a live example which happened with me only in January 2017 as my doctor has lifted off bedrest on me and said now you are ok to travel and start getting back to your daily life.
So i was back to office where i found no problem talking to anyone as i knew everythem and then had been visiting me regurarly as well.

But the major challange i got was when i had to go and attend a merriage function in my hometown Ajmer. I was scared of meeting people and talking to them even, they are those people who are our family friends and we know them from last so many years and as i was out of house after a long bedrest so everyone also wanted to meet me and talk to me.
I was shit scared and was not able to speak anything except ha-ji na-ji hello thank you.

That day i realised confidence is a must in life even for any basic function like talking to someone or negotiating in business or any business meeting.

Confidence cant be bought it has to be developed from one self from within.
A few tips on what i had done
1. Start Small
2. Meet People in a small group.
3. Prepare beforehand for any meeting.
4. Talk to your friends, family as much as you can

Although it took me a week’s time to regain confidence but yes i am trying it to make it a permanent part of my brain.
It was because of great help of My Family, My Friends & My Staff the confidence is back for good…!!!


A Rock Concert in Ajmer

Last sunday a charity rock concert was organized by Rotary Club Ajmer Midtown to raise funds for their upcoming Project at Satellite Hospital in Adarsh Nagar, Ajmer.
It was a good event by Saar Rock band and there was one more singer named Sheena.

The Band and Singer played some real some real nice tunes and even for a minute it didn’t felt boring. Specially the old songs were the most enjoyable.

The venue was Kangra Amphitheater at Mayo College Ajmer. Which is a fabulous backdrop for these kinds of event. And I personally like this place because wheelchair is so easily accessible to all the main areas of it. Finally on new constructions people are thinking about accessibility for all.

The management of the event was taken care by Rotary Club Members only and I personally don’t think they could have done any better job then this. It was flawless, Period

So keeping it short i will give my best wishes to Rotary Club for their Hospital Project and looking forward for more such kind of events in Ajmer sometime in future…


Felt like Santa Clause

We at Round table India’s Ajmer Chapter Ajmer Round Table’s Members went over to our adopted school at Village Aakhri in Ajmer do Donate furniture.
This Furniture was promised by us at the time of inauguration of the new building.
Sometimes when it is written by the gods will, then only it will happen so it happened to be a day before christmas.

We were trying to get this furniture a month back but due to some availabelity issue with the vendor & then some logistical issue, so all in all it get delayed.

So today the day finally came and our Team consisting our Tablers Bhupesh, Nitin, Tarun, Amrit, Nikket, Prashant, Karan & yours truly ME Sorabh Gehlot reached today at 11 AM to the school.

I seriously can’t describe the happiness in the kids eyes seeing the furniture and they thanked us in their own good way.
School & Kids prepared some Plays, Dances & Poems.
Kids even prepared Thank You cards For us (Check them in the pictures)

So after the cultural function we were talking to kids & Principal Maam about their thoughts for the school and furniture etc. The kids are so happy seeing their school now and they promised us that they will keep furniture maintained.
The Principal Maam informed us that after building renovation the school strength has increased and day attendance percentage has also gone up. Thats the real impact of Round Table India.

So in all Kids were super happy, and seeing their happiness we were happy… an effort well put…


My First Travel For Tabling

So as many of you know i am part of a wonderful organisation called Round Table International whose India Chapter is called as Round Table India.

So after my long bedrest (why, when, what later) it was my first travel to Delhi for a family holiday. As it was a holiday I was free and as told about my friends for the power of tabling in terms of cooperation & friendship i thought why not give it a try and meet few Fellow Tablers from Delhi so i got few numbers from my table friends here and started calling…

One lead to other and after 2 calls i got a call from Area Chairman of that year, heyy bro we all are going to Agra for our Area AGM why don’t you also join us it will be great fun and you can meet the whole area in one shot, Oh and ya Mika is coming to perform in our AGM’s party…

I was sold to this idea the instance i heard his name, so i asked him can i confirm you in 30 mins. he said bro no problem please take your time and do lemme know so i can tell the organizer’s for your proper arrangements and he connected me to one of the member of the organizing committee.

After 2 days of holidaying in Delhi with family i embarked alone for this journey with my driver bhaiya & Helper, The whole way i was just thinking of one thing “I dont know anyone there, wont i be bored” “Wont it look awkward” etc etc

But the moment i entered the hotel and went to the help desk to get a head way and introduce myself after that brothers started coming in to meet, chat laugh.. i was invited for sessions etc so all in all i had minimum 20 friends in 10 mins of time and it was not an outsider feel at all and superb fun filled next 3 days & memories of a lifetime.

Sometimes people ask me why Round Table, Isn’t it a waste of time…??? Definitely NO.
Right now i have so many friends in places or cities or countries i had not imagined. Where ever I go it is brotherhood everywhere and always…!!! And best part for me, Help is always less then a call away…


My Thalassemia Diaries Pt – 1

I was born on 27.9.1985 and was looking like a happy & normal child but few months in and doctors started noticing a week and anaemic kid and did some tests which were normal. In short they didn’t had a clue whats happening.

Just to give you a brief sense on what Thalassemia is, it is a blood disorder which is passed down to every generation unwillingly. For rest of the knowledge please enjoy reading google, i am pretty sure there will be better info there then me sharing here.

So, unknowingly both my parents were thalassemia carriers and i came out to be Beta Thalassemia Major “this kind of heavy name is definitely suiting my personality for sure”.
Then it was detected in June of 1986 that I have Thalassemia Major and as per the doctor of that time who delivered the news I will be needing blood transfusions in every 15 days all my life and my life expectancy will be not more then 11 – 12 years.
So that day my Mom & Dad took a challenge keeping me in mind that we will fight this till a solution comes through medical advancements.
So from that day i was kept as a normal kid and was allowed to function as a normal kid only…

Doctor visits was routine for me and transfusions were like an additional Sunday.
But as Age progressed to 16 – 17 the side effects of thalassemia started showing on thorough check ups doctor gave me severe osteoporosis and severe hormonal imbalance & some more to live with…

But with all this and proper care given by family I am able to fight and win against Thalassemia and sometimes I feel it has turned from my ailment to my strength.
Since long when I can remember I was taught by my parents to stay happy and stay positive always. Maybe that’s why i don’t take much load of anything in my life.

For me life is one transfusion to other transfusion and then in the middle…

it was just recent my transfusion got free at 11 AM and I was in my office at 11.30 resuming my work… so I think after 33 years it just don’t matters much, more of a part of life kind of a thing for us.

I remember it was one post transfusion after noon approx 12.30 and i was in office with my medical tape just to cover the location where the needle was pricked for transfusion. So this guy who himself is a doctor caught this and recognised the bandage (Even after my super try to hide it under the watch) and asked, bro what happened…???
So i gave him a reply bro just got free from my transfusion and as our meeting was fixed regarding your car, So i am here for your help. And I swear the guy lost his mind and he started pressuring me to go and have rest and argued a lot for me to be not there that time.

I think, keep walking ahead spirit comes to us Thalassemia kids by birth somehow as few of other thalassemia kids who I know in Ajmer are also same type of me. So its nothing special for us.

More Thalassemia Diaries to Follow Soon…


Thats me having my transfusion

Dumbo & A can of Pepper Spray

There is a saying never give a weapon to a monkey or it will disrupt the whole village.
This exactly happened when my kid sister accidentally shoots herself with the pepper spray in a closed room.

The fun parts starts now with me sitting in the next room, I got a sniff of it as i was going to help her at that time of destress and i started coughing like anything. I am pretty sure if my doctor had seen me that time he would have admitted me in the isolation ward indefinitely.
Well eventually my coughing stopped and i was normal after 10 – 15 mins. But as my kid sister took the spray on her face was distraught and in a real bad shape. Her face & eyes were red hot burning and she was crying like crazy…
mom did some home remedy as a first aid and she was better after 30 mins or so.

Then we started roasting her on her stupidity and teased her till our hearts wish…
But ya a lesson learned and good laughs shared on a chilly sunday afternoon.

This got me thinking about these kind of products which are so need of the hour specially in our country to keep one safe. It really works but one word of caution it needs intelligence & little caution to make it work to our requirement.

I so wish i would have pics of that whole episode to share with you all…


The Little Devil…!!!

Sister’s Home Coming Diaries

My Kid sister Riya recently finished her graduation from manipal and the whole family was suppose to go and pick her up to come home.
But to do some social commitments only I reached to get her and all her baggage form there.

Although it is not a big of a deal as it was close by but when i was waiting outside her collage, myriad of emotions sprang up in my mind & heart.
It was so proud moment for me to get my sister home after her graduation is over…
On our way back we were reminiscing the day i got her there for her entrance exam for which she was not sure about that will it get cracked or not.

So even after ups and down of life & in collage she finally did her B.TECH in Automobile Engineering with good numbers and main thing she was happy and we were proud of our kiddo…

Really must say kiddo… proud of you…!!!


My Work My Life My Everything

Just to give you a context about why I wrote the headline that I wrote. I completed my college in 2006 and went straight to business. Learning the ropes from the master himself “My Father” I started one small venture of mine, details about that some other day. So we were looking to expand/ grow business-wise and came across this.

We started our Ford Venture in 2009 for me the journey started way before that… the whole process started in late 2007’s when the company representative visited us with my uncle from Jaipur who is also a ford dealer there.

The proposals were exchanged and we got final round of meeting with ford india’s bosses at that time in chennai and we were given a sign off for a setup go ahead.

After a few ups and downs health wise with me and dad battled depression because of that, but we came out with the flying colours and from 1st April 2009 we did a soft opening as there were few sign-offs pending from Ford Motor Company USA’s side. Without that we couldn’t have the official inauguration. So we use to get cars from our co-dealers and sell them during soft opening days to get in sync with the systems & processes.

On 31.10.2009 we finally did a grand inauguration and were officially a dealer for ford . We were really waiting for Ford’s New small car “FIGO”. A mass segment in which Ford was foraying into. And boy in 2010 when the vehicle launched it paved the way for dealership’s success.

As per my father the key to run a great & happy business is the people, So in our dealership the staff is not considered staff and as an owner of the business. The morale of the people & their enthusiasm towards work just quadruples.

My dealership has taught me many things, still teaching a lot daily, Has made me travelled places, Has given confidence which was missing in me some years back. And most importantly given me a whole different thought process and an entrepreneurial spirit “Yes We Can”…

We celebrate 31st October every year as birthday of Gehlot Ford where the whole staff comes together for a cake ceremony and sharing stories of day 1 – the 31.10.2009.

Will like to take this opportunity to thank my staff for their support and unmatched dedication. Our customers for showing their trust & Confidence in us over the years. And Ford India for being with us in hard times & laughing with us in Happy times… Truely a family waali Feeling…

Sharing some New some Old pics for a treat…


Not Everything that Glitters is Gold

I had always thought about this whole concept of Everything that glitters is not gold. I had an first hand experience of it.

So last night there was yet another Standup Comedy Show in the town organised by the company named “The Comedy Culture” it belongs to my friends so i was obviously going to attend the show just to show my support and seeing their past track record of fun time we had during their previous show the decision was a real no-brainer.

This time Comedian was Mr. Gaurav Gupta, and i must say that after seeing his video’s on youtube he felt that it would be good. But on the contrary i must say i was seriously disappointed by his content as all of his content was already out there in the youtube for people to see. Lack of anything original was clearly visible.
And a regular bashing of the Baniya Community of the level which is really unimaginable and really unfunny.
At least Knotty Commander spoke better had funny jokes and knowingly or unknowingly left us with a message to put a brain on and do something.

Overall Show was pulled perfectly by the organisers the venue, the arrangements, the bar & snacks were good. And post standup a Live singer was playing although we didn’t listened to him much but he was good.

Now post this event we were having a discussion for dinner as all of us were hungry. So we thought why not have dinner here at Hotel Pratap Mahal’s Restaurant, a friend from our group said yes the food is also good so we should go here only.
Must say the food was absolutely hopeless Wether it was Butter chicken or the Kadhai Chicken or the Chicken Starters which i names don’t remember even. When the bill came then I got to know that this property is by Taj Group under the sub- brand IHCL SeleQtions.
For the first time in my life i had such a bad food in any of the hotel which carries TAJ’s brand name with it.

Some days just simply keep going bad to worst. So we paid our bill and left for our respective homes. with the promise that i wont be having food again in Pratap Mahal – IHCL SeleQtions ever in my life.
But it was all digestible and evening went fine as we were bunch of friends and were having our own talks, jokes, leg pullings etc… so all’s well that ends well.