Quarantine Times – Extraction Movie Views…

Netflix just released this movie today Extraction, as it is very much self explanatory that what it would have been based on. I totally loved this as seriously the action sequence was very much notable.

Direction was done by none other then Stuntman turned Director Sam Hargrave (No wonder action sequences were on point). He surely kept Chris Hemsworth & Randeep Hooda on their toes.

Acting of both these actors were superb and award worthy. Randeep Hooda was a great match for Chris and they surely commanded their own screen time and aced it like pros. Cant understand why Randeep Hooda is less visible in Bollywood.

Best part was the single take 10 minute action sequence which was well choreographed by Action director and well executed by both the actors, They definitely proved their acting mettle. A must watch for action movie lovers.

The other notable actors who got their presence felt were Golshifteh Farahani & Young Rudraksh jaiswal who played the kidnapped kid Ovi Mahajan so well . So wish Pankaj Tripathi could have a little more screen time. But he definitely performed at par in his 30 second role. David Harbour’s role could have been better and seriously his action sequence with Chris could have been better and ended a little different way.

All in all a good one time watch & well 2 hours spent during this lockdown.

Looking forward for more action packed movie from Netflix.

Stay indoors, Stay safe


Movie Review’s – Angrezi Medium

Since I watched it’s trailer few months back and the Previous Movie Hindi Medium, Its easy to say that I was looking forward to watch it as it hits the theatre but as the lockdown happened and the movie plans blew up to pieces.

But thanks to Hotstar or Disney + Hotstar for releasing the movie on an OTT Platform in a very short span of time of hitting the theatres which is good for the movie and the people waiting to watch the movie, I think it is for the First time for Bollywood movie of this magnitude.

Starcast is Good With Irfaan Khan in role of the Father & Radhika Madan in the role of the Daughter. Mainly movie revolves around these 2 characters and I must say that both of them has done total justification with their roles.

Kareena Kapoor Khan on the other hand had a very little screen time but definitly played pivotal role in the movie. I feel on the other hand Dimpal kaparia had more screen time and more interesting role then Kareena Kapoor.

The other mentionable Supporting actors were Deepak Doberial who played Irfan’s Sidekick Gopi & Ranveer shorey and Pankaj Kapoor for displaying his acting with such a flair in just 3 minutes of the screen time.

Storyline wise the movie was on point without any lags and screenplay & direction was also noteworthy and appreciable.

The movie had 4 songs which was okay as there was not much room for them in the storyline but they blended well and are good to listen. Song “Kudi Nu Nachan De” is sure to get you to listen again and dance as the beats and lyrics were just so good.

Do watch it people if haven’t watched as of now. Surely a good time spend


Movie Opinion – Dream Girl

Being a movie fanatic and a fan of Ayushman Khurana i land up in this movie with friend.
Must say the acting or portrayal of this character pooja is commendable and humorous. Ayushman Khurana has done a fantastic job yet again and if it would have been someone else, it would not have been pulled off this well.

Everything of the movie was okie dokie types, I seriously had my hopes up because Ayushman Khurana always does good story line movies, in bits and pieces the comedy involved was giving a feel of not requirement or it could have been skippable.

But when the movie was about to end the Pooja character exposes to the public a small message has been given that in today’s busy & fast life we don’t have actual people to talk & share our things to, we tend to look to different avenues to share our feelings and life updates.
This got me thinking about old fashioned friendship where 2 – 3 friends meet, talk, share about happiness & sorrows, and other friends helping out the guy in need.
The thing which is one motive behind Round Table International or Round Table India of which i am a proud member of.

This thing is getting missed in today, we are so busy with ourselves that we don’t have even time to sit and have heart and heart conversation with closest friends. Lets go out if you are missing friends pick up and call, meet ASAP.


Movie Opinion – Chhichhore

Last night I was forced to tag along for a movie by my dear friend Nikket. He was so compelling force which let me to drag my butt out of bed and go watch a movie.
Firstly I didn’t had an idea that what the movie was all about, hights of my laziness to not even watch the trailer before going to a movie, Don’t know why but didn’t had much expectations from the move mostly due to its name.

So the movie was very well written and directed, didn’t felt bored even for the second. Wont get into too much bollywood jargon which non filmy people don’t have anything to do with.
Must say the acting done by all the actors was on point and special mention to Varun Sharma, Prateik Babbar & Saharsh Shukla for pulling of their respective roles with such flair although few of them a smaller screen time.

Movie delivers such a delicate message with so much grace which is really impeccable to even put in words.
The story was based on suicide attempts by kids / students.

One thing which is really worth mentioning is the message that without admission in dream college or 99% of marks in any exam the life ends, Movie disagreed to it beautifully.

Will suggest to everyone to go and enjoy the movie if you like crude humour, and if you still didn’t like it please don’t curse me.