Not Everything that Glitters is Gold

I had always thought about this whole concept of Everything that glitters is not gold. I had an first hand experience of it.

So last night there was yet another Standup Comedy Show in the town organised by the company named “The Comedy Culture” it belongs to my friends so i was obviously going to attend the show just to show my support and seeing their past track record of fun time we had during their previous show the decision was a real no-brainer.

This time Comedian was Mr. Gaurav Gupta, and i must say that after seeing his video’s on youtube he felt that it would be good. But on the contrary i must say i was seriously disappointed by his content as all of his content was already out there in the youtube for people to see. Lack of anything original was clearly visible.
And a regular bashing of the Baniya Community of the level which is really unimaginable and really unfunny.
At least Knotty Commander spoke better had funny jokes and knowingly or unknowingly left us with a message to put a brain on and do something.

Overall Show was pulled perfectly by the organisers the venue, the arrangements, the bar & snacks were good. And post standup a Live singer was playing although we didn’t listened to him much but he was good.

Now post this event we were having a discussion for dinner as all of us were hungry. So we thought why not have dinner here at Hotel Pratap Mahal’s Restaurant, a friend from our group said yes the food is also good so we should go here only.
Must say the food was absolutely hopeless Wether it was Butter chicken or the Kadhai Chicken or the Chicken Starters which i names don’t remember even. When the bill came then I got to know that this property is by Taj Group under the sub- brand IHCL SeleQtions.
For the first time in my life i had such a bad food in any of the hotel which carries TAJ’s brand name with it.

Some days just simply keep going bad to worst. So we paid our bill and left for our respective homes. with the promise that i wont be having food again in Pratap Mahal – IHCL SeleQtions ever in my life.
But it was all digestible and evening went fine as we were bunch of friends and were having our own talks, jokes, leg pullings etc… so all’s well that ends well.


Event season in Ajmer

Ramada Ajmer’s Manager Mr. Manish is a good friend. He called and invited to attend an event at his hotel. Didn’t gave much of the details but just said that i will like it and it is happening for the first time in Ajmer. So me along with 2 of my friends land up on his saying.

There we found out it is a ballantines tasting event done by the company and a brand promoter from Scotland was there to take the session.

A brief intro about the company its heritage and the process were discussed and later-wards they make us taste their new product a 17 YO Scotch.

Must say i was not a big fan of Ballantines before as the products that we got here were entry level non premium products but their 17 YO changed the perception and it was liked greatly.
Guys, go to the watering hole and checkout their 17 YO offering if you like scotch. It is seriously good one

The other event was the Standup comedy act organised by my friends Anuj & Vinod, the comedian was Mr. Manish Tyagi AKA Knotty Commander due to his services in Indian Navy.
he struck lots of laughing bones in whole of the crowd and along with his comedy he delivered small bite sized subtle messages which made people think.

The event was organised flawlessly and executed with a grace.

All in all a small town like Ajmer is seeing lot of good quality events finally, just hoping now that it continues in a longer term and people take risk for doing such events and we as people reciprocate in joining them and making them successful.