Quarantine Times – Silly Bedfellows

As some of people might know from my Facebook profile and Instagram page that I got a doggo last year to fill the void created by sudden suicide of my previous one. So while searching for breeds I finalised on repeating pug as my dog but then thought process got fluctuated and I finally got a doggo of a breed that i fascinated a lot, I got a French Bulldog or fondly said as Frenchie.

This doggo who I fondly call YODA (named after Star Wars character) got attached to me in the first hour of his arrival and slowly & steadily he started following orders and travelled with me even to many places. And don’t leaves my side whenever possible for him.

But the hight of attachment happened once when I was in office and he was with me for his playing time and he attended with me in a meeting and sat in the lap and listened so patiently to the person sitting opposite to me, he evidently asked me bhaiya “if he didn’t likes what I say will he attack me or what”

The other episode which happened where i seriously felt happy was once when me and my mom was having a heated discussion and her pitch was high, so Yoda who was kind of sleeping suddenly sprung in action and started barking on her. And since that day I realised that yes dogs are definitely men’s best friend.

The strangest thing happens is at night he like to sleep on my pillow which gets a little problematic as too much closeness is also harmful many a times. But ya seeing his affection and sense of security towards me I let him crash on feet.

All in all the breed is good for the people like me who are looking for a small, easy maintenance & great travel companion & guard yet playful doggo. Just a word of caution, get a dog only if you can commit and give him time coz a pet is part of our life but for it we are his whole life.


Are Dogs Suicidal…???

So an interesting thing happened last month. Me and my whole family was in jodhpur visiting GrandParents for the festival of Rakshabandhan.
As our house help was also going on a holiday so we thought to take our Dog along with us as it was going to be a Low Key holiday and we had to at home only.

So to tell a background of my dog he was a 5 year old Pomeranian, typical orange colour, Fun attitude, talkative to the core, with a very funny and cute name “TINTIN”

Along with Pom we had 2 more Dogs, a Pug aged 14 years and a German Shepard aged 9 years.

Because of ageing issues Pug passed away in December 2018 and German Shepard passed away in Feb 2019 caused of illness.

So coming back to the issue at hand my Pom TinTin a playful & loyal doggo was following my mom when we were about to see of some visiting relatives and suddenly he disappeared out of no where.
So on searching for him here and there for 3 mins we found him 1 floor below bleeding from mouth. The panic rushed through the veins seeing him in that position.
When we were rushing to pick him up we saw him moving in deep pain.

So after getting him we saw him awake, shaken to the core and in tears.
Made a few calls and got a vet in 10 mins on a festival day.
He came checked him fully and told us that he is fine just a broken bone which has caused him paralysis of rear body, he was not able to move and was dragging himself to move. So we kept him in lap all the time till we reached home next day.

Next day we took him to the trusted Vet in Ajmer who gave the same opinion as the previous Vet that he will be fine in 10 – 15 days on the regular treatment.

3 days in the treatment we saw the signs of improvement, We felt pain going down, he was smiling as well and responding well when being talked. Our hopes of seeing him well was blooming.

Cut to 24th Aug Morning 7.30 AM he was found dead at his favourite spot. Left us sad and in tears for ever.

So is it possible to dogs to be depressed and have suicidal tendencies. What could have gone wrong with him in reality ?
Could we have done something more for him to get him well.
And can we do something for country like India where medical facilities for Animals are non existent or Minimal…???

Guess some questions are left unanswered forever

RIP TinTin