Movie Opinion – Dream Girl

Being a movie fanatic and a fan of Ayushman Khurana i land up in this movie with friend.
Must say the acting or portrayal of this character pooja is commendable and humorous. Ayushman Khurana has done a fantastic job yet again and if it would have been someone else, it would not have been pulled off this well.

Everything of the movie was okie dokie types, I seriously had my hopes up because Ayushman Khurana always does good story line movies, in bits and pieces the comedy involved was giving a feel of not requirement or it could have been skippable.

But when the movie was about to end the Pooja character exposes to the public a small message has been given that in today’s busy & fast life we don’t have actual people to talk & share our things to, we tend to look to different avenues to share our feelings and life updates.
This got me thinking about old fashioned friendship where 2 – 3 friends meet, talk, share about happiness & sorrows, and other friends helping out the guy in need.
The thing which is one motive behind Round Table International or Round Table India of which i am a proud member of.

This thing is getting missed in today, we are so busy with ourselves that we don’t have even time to sit and have heart and heart conversation with closest friends. Lets go out if you are missing friends pick up and call, meet ASAP.