Event season in Ajmer

Ramada Ajmer’s Manager Mr. Manish is a good friend. He called and invited to attend an event at his hotel. Didn’t gave much of the details but just said that i will like it and it is happening for the first time in Ajmer. So me along with 2 of my friends land up on his saying.

There we found out it is a ballantines tasting event done by the company and a brand promoter from Scotland was there to take the session.

A brief intro about the company its heritage and the process were discussed and later-wards they make us taste their new product a 17 YO Scotch.

Must say i was not a big fan of Ballantines before as the products that we got here were entry level non premium products but their 17 YO changed the perception and it was liked greatly.
Guys, go to the watering hole and checkout their 17 YO offering if you like scotch. It is seriously good one

The other event was the Standup comedy act organised by my friends Anuj & Vinod, the comedian was Mr. Manish Tyagi AKA Knotty Commander due to his services in Indian Navy.
he struck lots of laughing bones in whole of the crowd and along with his comedy he delivered small bite sized subtle messages which made people think.

The event was organised flawlessly and executed with a grace.

All in all a small town like Ajmer is seeing lot of good quality events finally, just hoping now that it continues in a longer term and people take risk for doing such events and we as people reciprocate in joining them and making them successful.


Encounter With College Crush

Of all the Gin joints in all the towns in all the world, She walks into mine – Casablanca Movie

This dialogue from age old movie is so apt on the situation that happened with me very recently. My Ex from the college walked into my Car Dealership with her husband to buy a new car.

The instance happened so funnily that on the same time i was also on the showroom floor talking with my staff and our eyes locked and the old college time memories just ran into eyes just like a movie flashback.

Although we didn’t had any interaction for good 10 mins but later wards i mustered up courage to go and talk, for old time sakes.

Sometimes life plays such games with us which lefts us with the entanglement in the heart and fight between brain & heart. Don’t understand what is winning and what is losing in it.

But in all, we caught up like old friends and i got to know that she’s been keeping tabs on me for good and for the good work that we had been doing with Round Table India.

It was finally good to know that one can definitely bury the past and move on like adults and still be best of old friends.

Guys and girls, take a learning be friends with old boyfriends & girlfriends but do take care, the boundaries should be respected at all times.

My sales team did an excellent work of booking the vehicle so she’ll be walking in my gin joint a more often. I think that should be enough for me… to stay in touch…


Reminiscing my College Days…

So tonight i have an interesting bunch of college kids with us… Riya my sister and her friends are in town for a day trip and staying with us for the night…

Typical automobile engineering kids with their own view towards life… the kind of mental energy, ideas and their enthusiasm is a sight to see.

Must say that these kids are real fast learners and were keen to learn poker and play, and after a few practice hands they were getting really good hold of it.

And because of Pruthvi & Naivedya i have been introduced to Jazz & Blues. Which is a whole lot different genre of music which a music lover may enjoy.

Hardik the most serious and observant guy has actually read my blog and wanted to know more about the whole Round Table India so i gave him a small crash course on who are we and what we are about.

And Chintan loves cooking and has promised us that he will be serving us in later stages of the night… as per the reviews of all these I am sure it is going to awesome and he can surely work on his cooking as an alternate career path.

Pruthvi saw my model car collection and was so fascinated about them. I saw the same spark in his eyes which i have when i see my models and his handling of these models was also flawless thats why i did not stop him into handling them.

Seeing them fighting over of who will have a pipe of Sheesha and general fun, leg pulling of each other is giving me a major reminiscing of my own collage days…!!!

So guys and girls moral of the story is growing old is inevitable & growing up is an option… Revisit the good old days… Do the some silly stuff and recharge yourself for the next week of life…

Kids Having Fun and allowing me to join in…!!!

Round Table Diary – Pt 1

So as i am a proud member of this esteemed organisation called Round Table India which is the original social network incepted long before over dearest Facebook.

The idea behind this is working for the social causes of “Freedom through Education” the upliftment of Underprivileged children by providing them proper infrastructure of Schools and helping where else it is required. And linking up individuals like me with friends across the globe who are like – minded and self driven for the greater good of the society.

Few benefits for me from this organisation are –
1. I got friends where ever i go.
2. Chance to give back to Society.
3. I don’t get judged even for a second and is welcomed & helped by open heart & arms.

So Last friday we had our monthly Social event where all the members & their families get together to break bread and have a good time because it strengthens the bond & Trust among members, also All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

This particular event was hosted by My dear Friends Karan Bhargava and Shobhit Khanna with their wives Neetu Bhargava & Shruti Khanna ( Both sisters of mine were the actual brain behind this wonderful event)

The theme given was typical Filmy and based totally on bollywood and we tried our best to match as per the theme. Location & Food were awesome and well planned seeing the weather & overall event requirements. The decor was superbly done which complemented the theme and we even got our own caricatures as return gift.

Kudos to hosts for giving us the superb evening.

And some of the pics for you all lovely readers to enjoy…



A Brief Intro…

I am a 33 year Young Entrepreneur / businessman by profession who refuses to act a day above 21. Which we all so wish to do so time to time but ya i do it a little more often. Roaming around on my wheelchair one city at a time… A Proud passionate member of Round Table India.

Born in Jodhpur & Brought-up in the beautiful city of Ajmer which i call home.

I am passionate about my work as well and i do try to give 200% in my day on any task that i take or any challenge that needs to faced from time to time.

So, many people will like to know why i Started this blog, what was the idea, the thought process behind it etc etc…???

So for all my readers who wanted to know this the idea is to share my life experiences with everyone so someone could benefit out of them. The people who know me well knows why i am doing it. The challenges that has to be faced by being a differently abled person and the ways to overcome them. more about in how i am differently abled tomorrow… let us go slow in knowing about me, which could be easy to digest and i hate reading long blogs… So, a Small bite sized blog but on a very frequent basis.

Have a Great Day Ahead… more to come soon…

And don’t forget to write with any comments, suggestions or general love…


Sorabh Gehlot